Big white truck with a trailer and a refrigeration unit on the road of the highway against the blue clear sky. Side view draws all the outlines of the modern powerful truck with chrome pipes.
  • Transportation Management
  • Satellite Tracking
  • ACE Manifest
  • Real Time Update
  • EDI – Electronic Data Interchange
  • E-Manifest

Flexible, Robust Transportation Management

Information technology is becoming an important channel for Transportation. Having the proper tools and information available on time can be lucrative for our partners. Our customers will benefit from World Wide Logistics US Inc sophisticated technology that is able to analyze data and instantly optimize the marketplace. Our Real Time software provides our clients with the ability to track individual shipments, transfer shipment-level data to their financial management systems and create customized dashboards and reports detailing carrier activity on an enterprise-wide basis. These features provide our clients with greater visibility, business analytics and control of their freight expenditures.

Customized Solutions

Our Real Time technology platform allows us to analyze our clients’ transportation requirements and provide customized solutions that result in cost savings. Our clients can communicate their transportation needs to us electronically through our World Wide Logistics US Inc web portal, computer protocols, or by phone. Our account executives leverage our Real Time technology platform to manage all aspects of the shipping process.

Tracking & Reporting Suite

Real Time technology fully supports our transportation services, which we provide to our clients as part of our value proposition. Our Real Time technology platform is able to track individual shipments and provide customized data and reports throughout the lifecycle of the shipment, allowing us to manage the entire shipping process for our clients. Our customized reports also provide our clients with greater visibility and control over their transportation expenditures, and our ability to benchmark the performance of their internal operations helps identify opportunities for additional cost savings.